The Department of Sociology & Anthropology defines an internship as a “structured and supervised professional experience within an approved agency for which a student earns academic credit.” It should incorporate progressive experiences that integrate theory and practice. Any student can complete an internship independently during the summer or academic year. Sociology majors may choose to receive academic credit, however, if they enroll in Sociology 388: Individual Internship. To quality for internship credit, students must secure faculty sponsorship, be declared sociology majors or minors with a GPA in sociology of at least 2.7 and must have completed Sociology 101.

Students enroll in the course prior to beginning the internship and must complete 120 hours of work on site. In addition, students are required to maintain a journal of work experiences, complete an analytical paper that relates the experience to their coursework and fulfill any additional requirements outlined by the faculty sponsor. Interns are expected to maintain bi-weekly contact with their faculty sponsor and submit progress reports throughout the semester.